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Our team in Leipzig & Berlin.

Dr. Paul Brandenburg

Founder and Managing Director

Medical studies in Berlin and Japan. Research and publications with several prizes. Doctorate at the Charité with distinction by the scientific society. Medical training at university clinics in Germany and Switzerland.

Specialist in emergency and intensive care medicine in Germany and internationally since 2011. KulturSPIEGEL bestselling author and journalist on the health care system. Regularly in dialogue with the media and politics.

Jeanette Baudach

Director of Business

Graduate in business administration. Expert on organization and project management.

Ensures the highest quality in customer service and all processes in our team.

Annemarie Block

Marketing Manager

Master of Arts in Communication and Media Studies

Designs and creates high-quality content on all topics related to medical care for you.

Pascal Hamdi

Sales Manager

Business economist, Master of Business Marketing, IHK-certified insurance and financial asset specialist.

Develops and coordinates the DIPAT Consultant Program.

Katja Käseberg

Director of Finance and Markets

Graduate business economist (VWA) and entrepreneur with many years of experience in finance and controlling.

Leads the the development of DIPAT as its commercial manager.

Michele Knabe

Team Assistant

Trained Retail Saleswoman

Attends to your customer inquiries and handles business management tasks in our team.


Michel Kräft

Senior Designer

Bachelor of Arts in Communications Design

Designs and shapes the release of our online service and the audio-visual external communication of DIPAT.


Edgar Lensing

Senior Software Developer

Master of Science Medical Informatics

Ensures the reliable operation of the DIPAT system and its constant development.

Maria Seidel

Business Development Manager

Master of Science in Management with extensive experience in digital transformation design and innovation management.

Develops DIPAT’s collaboration with forward-looking providers and digital health services.

Robin Westenburger


Student of health management and experienced personal trainer.

Trains and supports our nationwide network of independent DIPAT consultants.

Dr. Justus Wildt

Research Assistant


Coordinates the continuous medical updating of all DIPAT services.

Richard Wolsch

Senior Software Developer

Graduate media computer scientist with focus on data security.

Leads the continuous development of DIPAT’s unique software – the core of our services.



Our Mission

DIPAT sets the standard for medically effective living wills.

Our Goal

A medically effective living will for every patient.

These principles guide us


By taking advantage of our services, you give us the responsibility of managing your highly personal affairs securely. We value this trust and, over and above the legal requirements, feel a special obligation to inform you in a balanced manner of the decision-making process within the framework of our company offerings and with regard to health issues in general. In addition we will keep you up to date on current developments in relevant medical areas and recommend – if necessary – an individual adaptation of your documents.


Every decision-maker has the inalienable right to decide for himself on the nature, scope and limits of his medical treatment and care. An increasing challenge for society is to educate all people sufficiently about the possibilities of medicine and to enable them to make use of their right to self-determination. DIPAT is committed to promoting this education and to enforcing and securing it in the long term in accordance with your will within the framework of medical self-determination.


We have no connection with ideological, political or religious organizations. With our services and activities, unless explicitly indicated, we do not represent the beliefs of such an institution directly or indirectly. The notion of quality of life and attitudes towards certain therapeutic approaches are highly subjective and can be determined individually by each individual. In no way and under no circumstances will DIPAT seek to exert any form of ideological or political influence on your views and decisions.


Living wills are currently, more than ever, the subject of social discussions. They are subject to medical and legal developments that are constantly changing. We at DIPAT are actively involved in the discussion and development of living wills. Our aim is to inform you and the public objectively about the function, possibilities and limitations of living wills. Our commitment, communication and points of view are always public and transparent in their entirety. We are not involved in any form of covert influence on decision-makers in politics or the media (so-called lobbying).