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Medically Effective

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Always there

Überall immer dabei

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  • Living will with immediate printed version (PDF)
  • Record of all emergency and contact data
  • Organ donor card replacement
  • Advance care directives & health care proxies

With unique DIPAT security

  • Online storage to ensure your living will is available to doctors 24/7
  • Emergency sticker with personal access code to ensure your living will is immediately noticeable
  • Automatic text-message alert to relatives in the event of an of emergency
  • Regular update recommendations
  • Amendments & regeneration at any time

After 30 days, you will be automatically switched to the DIPAT rate of €48 per year. Prior to this, you can cancel the free trial at any time, without incurring any charge. In any case, you will be able to keep a printed copy of your living will.

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Medical living will

You will be guided step by step through our online interview. The interview will cover your level of willingness for treatment in all areas. We will then draft a personal living will for you based on your current state of health and interpretation of quality of life in medically clear wording: easy for you to understand, binding for doctors.

Long-term effectiveness

DIPAT works on an annual basis, because living wills are only effective if they are always up to date. DIPAT automatically incorporates all changes in medicine and law on an ongoing basis and reminds you of any necessary amendments to ensure your living will remains medically effective in the long term.

Online storage and emergency access

In the event of an emergency, doctors and medical staff should have immediate access to your living will – otherwise it could remain ineffective as nobody carries a printed copy of their living will with them at all times. With DIPAT, your living will is stored online and can therefore be accessed at any time and from anywhere within seconds. Whenever your information is accessed in an emergency, your emergency contacts are automatically alerted by text-message and email.

Unique user sticker

A living will that sits in your drawer or is deposited with a notary will provide little help in a critical emergency, especially when it could be automatically accessed by a doctor with just a few clicks. At DIPAT, we make sure of this: our unique user sticker is placed on the top right of your health insurance card and is immediately noticeable for every treatment – guaranteed.

Instantly catches the eye: a sticker affixed to your health card – with access code for your living will.