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9 out of 10 living wills are ineffective, because they aren’t medically valid.

At DIPAT, we set the standard.

Case-specific living wills insure doctors receive your exact instructions

Text-message alerts to inform relatives in the event of an emergency

Emergency label gives doctors access to your uploaded living will immediately

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„Gründer Dr. Paul Brandenburg erklärt, warum die meisten Patientenverfügungen unwirksam sind:“
– VOSS & TEAM, 19.04.2018 –

How does DIPAT work?

Complete online interview & activate your living will

Attach your DIPAT personal access code sticker to your insurance card

In the event of an emergency, doctors can access your DIPAT living will & designated emergency contacts receive a text message alert at the same time

What is written in the living will?

Ms. Smith has registered with DIPAT. In her online interview she was asked about the following:

  • Values & quality of life
  • Treatment requests in critical medical situations, i.e. stroke, coma, resuscitation, machine-supported ventilation
  • Existing care and need requirements
  • Medical history & current medication
  • Contact information for relatives and close friends
  • Organ donation
  • Euthanasia, etc.

DIPAT processed the information she provided and constructed a medical document – the living will.

After signing, the living will was uploaded online to insure 24/7 availability to doctors in an emergency.

Test 24/7 emergency access here