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DIPAT offers the ideal living will:
Tailored to your needs, with you wherever you go, and there when you need it.

Ärztlich entwickelt

Developed by doctors

Dauerhaft wirksam

Medically Effective

Überall immer dabei

Always with you

Überall immer dabei

Made in Germany

DIPAT provides unique security

In July 2016, the German Federal Supreme Court confirmed what doctors have long known: most living wills are useless. This is because over 90% of all living will instructions are medically too vague or outdated. Furthermore, it usually takes days before a living will arrives at the clinic. By then all medical decisions have already been made.

DIPAT provides a solution to these problems. Its unique online interview system determines your level of willingness to be treated and uses this information to generate a living will that suits your specific needs. All medical and personal information required instantly in the event of an emergency is accurately recorded: allergies, contact details of next of kin, organ donation status, etc.

After printing and signing your living will, your information will be uploaded to DIPAT. You will also be provided with a personal access code sticker to attach to your insurance card, which insures your instructions are always with you wherever you go. To access your information, all that the emergency services and clinics require is an Internet connection. In the event your living will is accessed in an emergency, your next of kin will automatically be alerted by text message and email.

Doctors say:

Practical and long-awaited. Good job developers!”

Dr. S. Michael
Specialist in oral, jaw and facial surgery


A. Schlefers
Surgical specialist

“I very much welcome this“

Dr. K. Frank
Specialist in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine

(I am) convinced of both its necessity and by its content

O. Eckermann
Specialist in surgery and emergency medicine

Instantly catches the eye: a sticker attached to your health card – with access code for your living will.


  • Precise and comprehensive medical instructions
  • Developed and maintained by specialist doctors, supported by lawyers
  • Takes into account your individual health status
  • Documents your personal concept of quality of life
  • Health care proxy and advance care directives are included


  • Regularly updated by doctors and lawyers
  • Individual notification of recommended amendments
  • Tailored supplementary texts available, but not necessary


  • Label on insurance card guarantees emergency workers will know you have a living will
  • DIPAT documents can be accessed immediately by medical staff in the event of an emergency
  • Guaranteed online availability 24/7